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Leesman Research

from8:00 AM to - 9:30 AM UTCLeesman LtdBrock House19 Langham Street London, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland W1W 6BP
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On Tuesday 9th July, we are delighted to welcome CREW UK Board member Alison English, Deputy CEO of Leesman, who will host an exciting review and open & informative discussion of Leesman’s latest research Power of Place.

The rise of hybrid working shifted the way employees thought about their journeys into the office and how often they chose to be there. So, organizations increased their focus on magnetizing employees back into the workplace, by making the office as appealing an option as possible for where to work.

There can be little doubt that hybrid working is here to stay. But within the hybrid workforce lies a wide spectrum. For some, hybrid working means coming into the office once a week or less. For others, it might mean spending most days in the office. For the rest, it’s somewhere in between. And here lies the challenge. How do you ensure that regardless of how often your offices are being used, they exceed employees’ expectations and help you achieve your business objectives?

This research answers two fundamental questions: why do you need an outstanding workplace in a hybrid working world and, when it comes to employee experience, how do you go from good to great?


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